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Ep. 51: Subtraction Cutting, with Julian Roberts Fashion Half Cut

Julian Roberts, a creative pattern cutter, teacher and academic joins Kathryn to talk about his unique method of creating garments and patterns called Subtraction Cutting. This was a hugely inspirational chat and I hope that it brings you all a fresh perspective on creative pattern cutting. A big thank you to Julian for joining me on the podcast!
  1. Ep. 51: Subtraction Cutting, with Julian Roberts
  2. Ep. 50: Biggest Pattern Cutting Mistakes
  3. Ep. 49: Seams & Seam Allowances
  4. Ep. 48: Sustainable Pattern Cutting, with Sarah Rozelaar, Founder of The Sewing Retreat
  5. Ep. 47: Where to Learn Pattern Cutting

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This is our podcast where we chat about our fashion world… expect insider tips, industry interview and lots of personal stories!
We are both professional pattern cutters working in the crazy world of fashion! Combined, we have over 30 years experience and plenty of hilarious stories to go with them.
Join us as, fortnightly, as we discuss all things Fashion.

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