Episode 6:

sustainable fashion

Interview with Emmeline Child, Sustainability Expert

Emmeline Child, fashion sustainability programme leader and lecturer at the University of Northampton, joins Kathryn and Caroline to talk about all things sustainable in fashion. 
Emmeline gained an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in this field while launching her own brand and business and became a real pioneer in her field. She is now a Researcher, Senior lecturer and University Programme leader. Teaching in the areas of sustainability, fashion and design in the UK, India and Sri Lanka.

During this episode we cover a range or topics. Starting with Emmelines journey and how she became interested in sustainable fashion. Then moving onto her research and work as a lecturer and finally, we pick her brains about some key areas in sustainable fashion including:

  • Natural fibres & Organic fabrics
  • Tech fabrics and new developments in that world
  • Fast Fashion
  • Green Washing
  • The future of fashion as she sees it

Can find more information about Emmeline below:

And you can contact her on emmeline.child@northampton.ac.uk

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Kathryn and Caroline directly with any comments / feedback on fashionhalfcut@gmail.com. Alternatively you can reach out on instagram @fashionhalfcut.

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