Episode 7:

Coronavirus working from home

The Coronavirus Effect & Working From Home

As the Coronavirus pandemic plunges the world into chaos, we bring you a bonus episode with an update on life as freelancers and small business owners in this very scary time. We share our thoughts and tips for working from home and how we’re managing to continue work as pattern cutters. While this episode focuses on the work and business side of things, our first thought is always for your health and we hope that you’re all safe and well at home.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen one country after another putting strict measures in place for the public and closing their borders. 
Our first concern is always and should always be our health but as freelancers and small business owners it’s a pretty terrifying economic situation too. 
At the time of recording Italy, France and Spain are all in total lockdown. The UK hasn’t hit that point yet but our Coronavirus cases continue to rise. Restaurants, bars and shops are starting to close.

Every industry has been hit hard and quickly by this shock, and in fashion we’re seeing supply chains and production grinding to halt , stores closing , buyers cancelling orders, shipments stuck in the far east and Europe, the list goes on…. 
It’s a very serious situation and as a result we’re already seeing freelancers being laid off and businesses beginning to strain under the financial pressure.
So we just wanted to take a moment to say that our hearts are going out to everyone affected in anyway.  We’re thinking of you, and we’re all in this together.

 On a lighter note here are our top tips for working from home effectively!

  • Get good podcast/audio books/playlists etc so you’re not sat in silence
  • Make a routine and stick to it! Try to keep normality in your life
  • Use apps that limit how much time you can spend on sites like Facebook & Youtube
  •  Be patient and bare in mind that any frustrations or troubles that you’re having are the same as your co-workers so just be nice to everyone! 
  • Keep a spare set of pattern cutting equipment & convert an area into a temporary workspace.
  • Communicate as much as possible
  • Having some spare savings 

Find yourself at a loose end? Try these:

  • Turn your hobby into a business, sewing, painting, crafting etc…there are huge crafting communities out there and everyone is stuck in doors so this is your time to get involved
  • Do some online based work, Virtual Assistant work is always needed
  • Make an online class…skillshare, udemy, teachable all great to share you skills
  • Or take an online course and learn a new trade towards a career change you always wanted
  • Do some sewing: For yourself or if any friends or family need garments making for an occasion this is your time!

And just to bring a smile to your face, here’s Naomi Campbell taking things to the extreme. All hail queen Naomi, we love you!

Naomi Campbell is taking no chances while traveling!

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Kathryn and Caroline directly with any comments / feedback on fashionhalfcut@gmail.com. Alternatively you can reach out on instagram @fashionhalfcut.

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