Episode 9:

Pattern cutting tools

Our Top 7 Essential Tools for Pattern Cutting & Making

In this episode we talk you through our top 7 Pattern Cutting tools and pieces of equipment. These are our absolute essentials that we just couldn’t function without!
Like most pattern cutters we know, we’re both massive fans of clever stationary. If you want to hear us raving about rulers and which notchers send us nutty then this is the episode for you!

7 Top Pattern Cutting Tools:

  1. Blocks & Slopers:
    We love our large collection of block and slopers and would be TOTALLY lost without them! Caroline has even been know to fly around the world with hers in her hand luggage…precious cargo!
  2. Rulers:
    From Set Squares to Pattern Masters to random ones we’ve picked up along the way…we use our rulers every day!
  3. Notchers:
    This is how communicate with the seamstresses who are making our lovely garments so these little paper punching guys are of huge importance to us!
  4. Pattern Drills:
    Another way of communicating and accurately marking our patterns, so these are of course on the list! We even have a favourite type – which we both found separately via Japan and prevents us getting painful pattern cutters wrists! (yes, we’ve totally made this condition up but it’s real for us!)
  5. Tracing wheel:
    Perhaps the simplest tool, but the most effective and irreplaceable! We use it for tracing the underlays of darts, pleats and inner pattern details. We even use it to copy garments that we can’t unpick to trace the pattern from.
  6. Scissors:
    This might seem obvious but cutting is a major part of making patterns so we have different sets of scissors for different jobs. Paper is one weight and fabric is another! Scissors can take all shapes and forms for us pattern cutters, including rotary blades and we’ve even come across pattern cutters using scalpels! It definitely feels like we’ve doing surgery sometimes!
  7. Tapes:
    We’re talking Measuring tapes, sticky tapes, tailoring tapes….all the tapes you can imagine!
  8. Bonus: Mechanical pencil with a rubber!
    Lastly, WE LOVE PENCILS! but not the kind you have to sharpen yourself.
    Mechanical pencils stay sharper for longer which means our patterns are more accurate and we even have a favourite type of lead which is strong and doesn’t snap as easily! We’re talking 0.5 HB lead…serious pencils for serious pattern cutting!

To get hold of any of the tools that we’ve spoken about, please follow the links below:

Blocks & Slopers
You can find Caroline’s class HERE
You can find Kathryn’s class HERE
You can buy blocks and slopers HERE

Pattern cutting tools

You can buy Kathryn’s favourite ruler HERE

You can buy pattern notchers HERE

Pattern cutting tools
Pattern cutting tools

Pattern Drills
You can buy our favourite type of pattern drill HERE

Tracing wheel
You can buy tracing wheels HERE

Pattern cutting tools
Pattern cutting tools

You can buy fashion tape HERE
You can buy scotch tape HERE
You can buy tapes measures HERE

Mechanical pencil with a rubber
You can buy Caroline’s favourite pencil HERE

Pattern cutting tools

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