Episode 12:

Block pattern

Demystifying Blocks and Slopers

This episode is all about one of our favourite bits of kit…blocks!
(or slopers as our lovely American friends call them)
Join us as we discuss what they are, how to make them, how to use them and the different types that we’ve come across in the industry and at home.

Our new favourite definition from Rhinannon Bydawell:
(A block is……)

“a basic pattern that you create so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you make a pattern”

Our Definitions:

(A block is….)

  • The starting point or basis of most new patterns
  • The basic body shape with the minimum amount of body ease added in
  • The foundation that you build your garment from
  • Unique to each company or person

Different Types of Blocks

  • Basic blocks (skirt, bodice, dress, trousers etc)
  • Tailoring blocks
  • Stretch blocks
  • Design detail blocks (collars, raglans, etc)
  • Basic garment blocks (shirts, corsets etc)

Learning to draft your own blocks:

Buying blocks:

If you’ve got more block related questions then we would love to hear them or you can check out Kathryn Blog post here.

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