Episode 18:

sample sales

The Industries Best Kept Secret…Samples Sales!

This week we’re sharing a real insider secret with all of you lovely listeners. It’s one of the few perks of the jobs when you work in fashion and it’s definitely one of our favourite parts of the job! We are of course, talking about… SAMPLE SALES!
We’re covering what exactly they are, how they differ between high street and luxury, how to find them and, of course, some of our own sample sale experiences!

HannaFF’s lovely review


“Absolutely love how Kathryn & Caroline take us behind the curtain of fashion collections! It truly shines a light on all the work and effort that goes into making collections become reality. Can’t wait for more episodes!”

Thank you so much HannaFF!

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Monica from friends has her sample sale technique down!

Sample sales are essentially special, in person, on the day, take it now or forever hold your peace discount sales that brands hold to get rid of either old development samples or old stock that they can’t shift otherwise.

As we said in the episode, sample sale invites are usually a little on the down low and you often have to have a friend in the know but there are a couple of websites that can help you out if you’re not fortunate enough to have a friend working at your favourite brand….

This site will give you all the insider info like time and date of your favourite sample sales and you’ll get access to their exclusive, members only sales for a small membership fee.

This website will tell you when and where the latest sample sales are…keep an eye out for your favourite brand!

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