Episode 19:

shoe designer

Dressing From the Feet First with Footwear Designer, Anna Kichenside

This week we’ve got an interview with footwear designer, Anna Kichenside, who has been in the industry for over 16 years. Anna gives us a glimpse into the world of footwear design and fills us in on her journey, from where she trained, to how she got her first foot in the door. We also hear her thoughts on the business of footwear, where she thinks it’s heading and how she’s merging her two worlds today.

Hayley’s lovely review

 “Great to hear from fellow Pattern Cutters

“Hey ladies, this was soooo nice to listen to last night (I only got up to how you got into fashion but I’ll be listening more). More lovely as I also know you Caroline from when I was an intern at Roland and I really think that you inspired me into going down the pattern cutting route with your super detailed and colour coded patterns, and I’ve never looked back, love my jobs! Great to hear fellow pattern cutters, I’ll be staying tuned (which is something as I’m not usually a podcast listener 😬), keep it up. Hayley x”

Thank you so much Hayley!

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Anna has been in the industry for 16 years, designing ladies shoes for luxury brands as well as the UK high street, giving her a breadth of knowledge of factories, design, costing, and limitations vs pushing boundaries. During her work at luxury brand Gina, Anna learned a lot about pattern making and production, designing brand-led collections of 50 shoe designs. However, Anna now works part-time in the industry, designing for a UK highstreet supplier, with frequent trips to the Far East, designing a 300+ range of shoes…which has added depth to Anna’s design process

Here are some of Anna’s beautiful designs

Anna’s career has been full of adventures and she’s worked for a range of brands but we touch upon one in particular during the episode, Gina. Gina is a luxury footwear brand founded in 1954 by master shoemaker Mehmet Kurdash.

We also spoke about a few industry expo’s that she’s taken part in over the years. They’re Premiere Vision in Paris and Expo Riva Schuh in Italy.

Anna’s New Venture

Anna recently found a new love in Yoga and has been working on a project combining this and her love of fashion.
Her new Yoga fashion line is called @flamingoyogamaya

Want to see more of Anna?
Find her on Instagram
Find her Yoga brand on Instagram
Find her Yoga brands website

Are you interested in becoming a footwear designer?

UAL do an intensive short course, find out more here.

London college of Fashion offer a BA(hons) in Footwear, find out more here.
For a full list of courses that London College of Fashion offer, click here.

De Montfort University also offer a very highly rated BA(hons) in footwear design. Find out more here.

And Northampton University offer another very highly recommended BA(hons) in footwear and accessories. Find out more here.

Want to learn more about making your own shoes but don’t fancy making a career out of it?

I Can Make Shoes offers online and in person classes to anyone wanting to learn to make their own shoes. They also have a book that it packed full of amazing projects, tips and tricks, as well as a shop supplying all the things you’ll need to get started!
Find them here.

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