Episode 20:

fashion podcast fitting

How Fittings Work, with Fitting Model Anna Popovich

Fittings are an integral part of garment development, and as pattern makers we spend much of our time in the infamous fitting room! Join us as we talk you through how fittings work, why they’re so important and let you in on our own experiences and some top tips. We also hear what life is like as a fitting model, from Anna Popovich who has spent years working for brands, both big and small. She gives us a really unique perspective through the eyes of one of the most important people in the room.

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Anna has worked as a fit model for nearly 10 years for over 50 different London fashion houses. What started out as helping out a designer she was interning for has turned into an unexpected career for her. 

Anna works with designers while they’re developing their ideas for the samples you see on the runway, with the production team before multiples are made for stores and in showrooms where samples are shown to buyers. She has a wealth of knowledge and we’re very lucky to have her on our podcast!

Our Top Tips for Fitting:

  1. Always fit a full toile before you cut into your final fabric
  2. Pin Pin Pin! It’s tempting to take a hands off approach when fitting but it’s so key to pin out excess and volume so that you get a real impression of what the amendment will do and so that you can alter the pattern accurately! Don’t be shy!
  3. Don’t be stingy when drafting your pattern, it’s always easier to pin out excess than it is to cut into a toile and pin in extra fabric if a garment is to tight.
  4. Don’t be afraid to cut a toile up, that’s what mock ups are for!
  5.  If the designer decides to change loads of things or isn’t happy with the outcome, don’t take it personally
  6. Remember to check the balance and the length for every garment.
  7. Take photos! ALWAYS! And notes…lots of notes!

Always remember to take photos of garments during the fitting. Front, back and side as well as any detail photos of amendments or ares of concern/detail.

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