Episode 21:

Getting your first job, with Sidnie Brennan

Our favourite Intern turned employee, Sidnie Brennan joins us to discuss her journey so far. She fills us in on everything from going to university to study fashion, to developing her design portfolio, her internships and then finally getting her first job as a Technical and Product Development Assistant. 

This weeks lovely review

 “All you ever wanted to know about pattern cutting

“What a fantastic podcast full of information, while also managing to be entertaining.

Caroline and Kathryn really know what they’re talking about, they manage to make quite complex pattern cutting sound straight forward and explain all the little details nobody else ever talks about!”

Thank you so much Charlotta!

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Sidnie graduated with a first class degree in 2018 from Portsmouth University where she studied for 4 years on a Fashion and Textiles degree. In the middle of this she took a gap year where she did work experience for 3 very different fashion brands. 

After graduating, Sidnie then took some much needed time out to go traveling before returning home to prepare her portfolio for the world of fashion that awaited her using platforms such as Fashion Workie, BOF and Linkedin for connections. After reaching out to some old friends from her internship days, she landed a role as Technical and Product Development Assistant at Emilia Wickstead which is where she still works now.

getting your first job in fashion
Sidnie is often used as a temporary fit model and has even been called in for make up trials! A welcome moment of calm in her busy day!

A few things that we mentioned…

Sidnie studied at Portsmouth uni, find their fashion degree here.
She used sites like Linkedin and Fashion Workie to find connections, internships and jobs. As well as sites like Business of Fashion and Drapers to find jobs once she graduated.

A few notes from Kathryn….

Fashion week is here! Head to the London Fashion Week website to watch the digital presentations, interviews and shows.

Bora Aksu’s collection is one my favourites, find it here.

Find amazon’s collaboration with the British Fashion Council here.

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