Episode 22:

working with factories in fashion

Working with Garment Factories, with Alice Warne

As pattern makers we create the “blue print” that the factories use to produce hundreds of garments, so it’s no surprise that we spend a fair amount of our job working with Factories!
This episode is all about how that relationship works, who’s involved and how to ensure your work is factory friendly for easy, mistake free sewing. To help me discuss this I’m joined by Alice Warne, a production and product developer, to help talk us through some of the finer details of what life working with factories is like for her. She gives us tips on finding factories, working with them and fills us in on her personal experiences, both at home in the UK and abroad.
Whether you’re a pattern cutter, a garment tech, a fashion student or you’re thinking about launching your own brand…this episode is for all of you!

This weeks lovely review

UK Fashion Stories!!

“Finally a behind the scenes fashion show focused on the UK market. It’s great that both Caroline and Kathryn are both ‘insiders’ love the show so far, keep ’em coming.”

Thanks Andrew!

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I’m joined by Alice Warne, who I first met while I was working at Karen Millen…she joined the brand as a pattern room assistant while on an industry year during her diploma studying fashion technology & design. Through her career she has been involved in every aspect of production, from in house sampling, to sourcing fabrics and trims, to coordinating the production of whole collections. 

Her current role is production and product development at well known luxury brand Asceno. Through this role, she manages the whole garment life cycle and is involved in every step of the journey, a large part of which involves factories

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