Episode 25:

The Art of Being a Drag Queen, with Dan Mcilwraith AKA Daisy Puller

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For this fabulous episode we’re joined by Dan Mcilwraith. Product developer by day, glamorous drag queen by night! 
Dan shares his world with us and fills us in on the more technical aspects of how he transforms into Daisy. We hear about the pattern cutting, the fabrics, the sewing and how he got the nickname deadline Dan. He also gives some advice for anyone wanting to try out drag for themselves and shares his personal journey with us, including his work with the charity Positively UK. This amazing glimpse behind the sequin curtain was an incredible chat and we give a huge thanks to Dan for joining us!

Daisy is well known in the London drag scene as one half of the Twinnies, a regular face in the Sink the Pink Party crew and co-producer and host of Love Potion no.9. You can find her performing at shows, festivals and even as an extra in the Absolutely Fabulous movie! 

Want to see more of Daisy?
Daisy’s Instagram
Love Potion no.9 Instagram

Love Potion no. 9

If you want to see this groovy, glamorous & ridiculous girl in action then head over to Love Potion no. 9, a night co-hosted by Daisy which celebrates drag of all types and is set in the beautiful Fontaines in London.

Behind the scenes!

There’s far more than meets the eye though, behind these wonderful creative looks are hours of preparation including designing, sewing and even gluing! This process includes creating the below pads that give Daisy her curves.
Daisy also has the most incredible hair and make up which add more hours of prep and as Dan said in our interview “I’d rather have big hair” when I quizzed about busty curves.

 “The thicker end goes up the top to create the hip curve and then the skinnier end extends down the thigh. The trick with pads is to get them shaved down as thin as possible all around the edges so they don’t create a ridge under your tights. I also wear 4 pairs of dancers tights so that helps!”

Positively UK

Dan’s work with the charity Positively UK is close to his heart and he says that they are responsible for his positive emotional and mental attitude. He is a peer mentor with them, and readily gives back to HIV positive members of the community what he was given when first diagnosed. The work that he and the charity do is truly wonderful and I couldn’t let this interview go by without giving them some of the spotlight. If you would like to find out more information about what they offer you can do so here.

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