Episode 26:

sewing lessons

Sewing Lessons That We’ve Learnt From Professional Seamstresses

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As pattern cutters we work side by side with those amazing sewing experts, the professional seamstresses. While we don’t sew everyday we’ve definitely picked up our fair share of tips from these talented individuals and this is the episode where we share them with you!
Expect to learn more about our sewing journeys and how we put these tips into practise. From fusing tape to different types of needles, to having a good attitude…these are or top 9 sewing tips and lessons.

 A few notes from us…

If you want to hear Kathryn’s interview on The New Craft House Podcast you can find it on Spotify here and on iTunes here.

Caroline mentioned that she’s been pressing flowers that were gifted to her when her babies were born and they’re just so beautiful we had to share them with you!

She even used a pattern cutting book to press them…very appropriate!

We’ve both had formal training in professional sewing but we’re not shy to say that our sewing skills are not as perfect as they once were. As part of that training we produced technical folders and Kathryn found hers stashed away from her students days. Take a look!

Lesson 1

It takes as long as it takes…use your time wisely but don’t rush!

Lesson 2:

Use the correct needle and foot for your fabric.

Lesson 3:

Use tape to control bagged out edges and seams!

Lesson 4:

If you can’t tape…stay stitch! And do it through your paper pattern piece to help keep control of the fabric.

Lesson 5:

Do some testers with your fabric before you start stitching your actual garment. Test things like needles, feet, fuse, ironing, pattern details etc.

Lesson 6:

Pressing (Ironing) is your friend…and can fix a multitude of sins!

Lesson 7:

Sewing really is trial and error & a learning experience.

Lesson 8:

Take your time when cutting & marking drill holes & notches.

Lesson 9:

Working with your pattern cutter not against them will result in a  better garment and working experience for everyone.

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