Episode 29:

3D fitting alvanon

The Future of Fitting with Alvanon Senior Consultant, Jackie Lewis

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Alvanon are industry leaders who specialise in creating physical dress forms and 3D avatars to help brands achieve a better fit. Jackie Lewis, senior consultant at Alvanon, gives us the inside scoop on how physical dress stands are made and how this translates into the world of 3D avatars and 3D fitting. Jackie is also the course development director for MOTIF, an online learning platform aimed at filling the technical gaps that we often see in the industry. You all know how passionate we are about learning so we couldn’t wait to pick her brains about the courses they offer and how it links to the world of fitting with Alvanon. 

 Jackie Lewis is a senior consultant Alvanon and the course development director for MOTIF. With a career spanning almost 30 years in garment technology and product development, it’s safe to say that Jackie really knows her stuff! In 2018 she joined Alvanon as a consultant focusing on 3D, process efficiencies and sustainability.

Jackie hasn’t stopped there, not only is she helping to better brands but she is also helping to better individuals through her work at MOTIF, an online educational platform which encourages and enables industry-wide education in technical skills to help fill that all important technical knowledge gap that we often face.

A big thank you to Jackie for joining us!


Alvanon was born out of an unlikely collision of two worlds. Dr. Kenneth Wang, the founder, is as you may have gathered from his title…a medical doctor. Quite an unlikely professional to make a segue into fashion!
However, when a real understanding of everyday human bodies meets with a drive to improve how clothes fit the result is Alvanon. And realistic dress forms that represent real actual bodies of everyday normal people.

“For those who don’t know who Alvanon are,  they’re an apparel-technology company that helps brands improve their fit through 3D body scanning and actual realistic body stands. “

From the early days Alvanon embraced tech and married modern digital technology with traditional techniques to design and produce stands. Today, you can buy off the rack, ready to use stands (or Alvaforms as they call them) as well as going for the full custom, made to measure route that many brands opt for.

As well as providing dress stands for industry leaders they have fit studios in capitals around the world that smaller brands and students can access.

Their early embrace of tech, at a time when many competitors were slow on the up take, has resulted in Alvanon growing to become a global leader in the world of fitting and dress stands. And now they’re leading the way on 3D modelling and digital avatars, the future of fitting.

By regularly hosting 3D body scanning events around the world Alvanon have collected up to date body scans from all over the world and by using this data they produce Alvaforms, both physical and digital, that are representative of different global markets and are quick to update and adapt these forms to reflect any changes they find.


MOTIF was created in response to the gap of practical technical skills that we often see in the industry today. In a world that is constantly changing it only seems logical that we need regular training to keep up to date with this advancing world.
MOTIF have range of courses with some our favourites including:
Basics in CLO-3D
Fundamentals of plus size
Solving fit problems: women’s tops
How to run a fit session
Denim 101 (coming soon)
Their courses are taught by industry professionals who are experts in their field and are passionate about imparting their knowledge.

At a time when most of the world has been forced to move online, MOTIF seems the ideal way to further your training and gain new knowledge. Not only do they offer courses that will improve both individuals and brands but they’re also creating a community of likeminded individuals and creating a space to share resources and inspiring work in fashion.

3D Tech Festival

Together these companies facilitated the 3D tech festival and brought together leaders from the 3D and virtual world. From Cameron-James Wilson, CEO / Creative Director at The Diigitals, the worlds first digital modelling agency to Dominic Sluiter, Head of STITCH, a tech focussed company driving the embrace of 3D design technologies for fashion brands.
This tech festival generated invaluable conversation about 3D designing, 3D pattern cutting and 3D fitting, and how we can follow through from a 3D development process to a 3D marketing campaign by making full use of 3D rendering, 3D catwalks and digital models and influencers. By embracing this amazing technology we can create entire collections with minimal wastage and maximum impact.

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