Episode 31:

Starting a fashion brand

Starting Your Own Fashion Brand, with Hanna Fiedler

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Hanna Fiedler trained as a traditional bespoke tailor at the Berlin Opera Foundation before moving to London to study design and pattern cutting. She launched her own luxury womenswear fashion brand in 2018 and has since gone from strength to strength, including a recent pop up space at Harrods. In this episode Hanna shares her personal journey and insights with us, we hope her tips and advice help some of you out there who are thinking of starting your own fashion brands.

Image from Hanna Fiedler, photographer: Madara Freimane


Hanna F. Fiedler, Founder and Creative Director of HANNA FIEDLER launched the brand in 2018 with the aim to create timeless designs that reflect her passion for tailoring, pattern cutting and craftsmanship. Originally from Germany, Hanna grew up in the Bavarian countryside. She trains as a traditional bespoke tailor at the Berlin Opera Foundation before moving to London to study design and pattern cutting at London College of Fashion. The appreciation for craftsmanship and quality nurtured during her tailoring years has a great impact on her approach to design. Before starting her namesake label, Hanna worked with Maria Grachvogel, Gabriela Hearst and McQ Alexander McQueen.
A huge thank you from both of us to Hanna for joining us on the podcast and sharing her wisdom with our listeners.

Hanna recently had a pop up at Harrods

Hanna’s gorgeous “Chapter II” collection

The images in this collection were taken in May 2020 during a global pandemic. With most of the world forced to halt in lockdown, a conventional look book photoshoot felt irrelevant and at odds with their values as a brand.
All photographs are self-portraits taken by Julia Shashkin, who captured herself wearing the collection in the beautiful landscapes of Estonia.

We couldn’t resist showing you how Hanna has used her ingenuity and creativity to shares her brand and new collections with buyers and customers. You can see her preview boxes in the below images.
(images from Hanna Fiedler, photographer Madara Freimane.

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