Episode 34

Costume Making, with Declan Jackson

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We are joined by Declan Jackson, professional pattern cutter turned costume maker.
He shares his journey from his start in the fashion industry to his move into the film industry. Having already got some big name productions under his belt, like Bridgerton and Mission Impossible, he’s onto an amazing start in his new career. Declan has always oozed creativity, as well as being super inspiring he also has some great tips and words of wisdom for any potential pattern cutters and costume makers.

Who is Declan?


A huge thank you to Declan for joining us!

Declan started life in the fashion industry working as a pattern maker after studying fashion design at Ravensbourne. He’s worked for brands like Giles Deacon, Victoria Beckham, Topman and Karen Millen.
He’s always doing something super creative, from draping the most incredible pieces, to amazing drawings and illustrations and designing the most swoon worthy drag looks, so it’s no surprise that he made the move from commercial pattern cutter  to costume maker. You can now find him on the sets of big production films and series including the Little mermaid, Mission impossible. And the series we’re all obsessed with at the moment….Bridgerton.

Take a look at some of Declan’s amazing work

How to get into costume making

Declan recommends getting a BA (hons) degree in costume making to make a smooth entry to the industry. While his journey has been a little different, he is finding that many of his team have come through the “Costume for Theatre and Screen” course at UAL. This is the Wimbledon course that he references in the episode.

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