Episode 35

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The Grey Areas of Pattern Cutting

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 As pattern cutters, things aren’t always clear cut. Its our job to use our experience and knowledge and sometimes actually just our instinct to interpret the correct alteration or shape to put onto a pattern. Things aren’t always in black and white with pattern cutting so in this episode we try to answer some of those all too familiar questions that we often get asked and don’t really have a Yes or No answer for.

Points that we discuss in this episode

  • What’s the right way to do it?
  •  Is there a standard way to do things?
  • Why did/didn’t you do the alteration to the pattern like that?
  • Can you teach me how to pattern cut?
  • Is it ok for the design to change? 
  • Is the process different in different companies?

Some notes from our catch up

Kathryn talked about a treasure hunt game that you can play in the museums, there are many companies who offer this but the one that she has tried and loved is a company called breadcrumbs.

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Kathryn and Caroline directly with any comments / feedback on fashionhalfcut@gmail.com. Alternatively you can reach out on instagram @fashionhalfcut.

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