Episode 38

how to fit a garment

How to Fit a Garment

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We’re bringing you all our tips and tricks on how to get a beautifully fitting garment and what to watch out for in a fitting. From measurements, to bust points to balance lines we’ve got it all!

A few Tips for Fitting

  • Fitting is not as simple as looking at a picture and giving a diagnosis
  • It’s much more organic and you need to get stuck in and pinch the fabric, pin things out and cut into the garment.
  • It’s almost impossible to fit on yourself alone, get a sewing buddy or even just a regular buddy to help you out with your views
  • Sometimes it’s worth looking at the pattern and going back to the building blocks if you’re struggling to work out what’s wrong with the garment.

Things to look out for on all garments

  • Balance
  • Circumference measurements
  • Is the length correct?
  • Can you get it on and off easily?
  • Can you move in it?
  • Does it look like the design?

Things to look out for on bodices

  • Is the bust point in the correct place?
  • Is the bust shaping correct?
  • Is the shoulder dart there? And is it in the correct place/shape?
  • Is the cross shoulder circumference correct?

Things to look out for on skirts:

  • Tummy and bum dart width and position
  • Is the hem circ wide enough to walk? If not, add a vent or split
  • Total rise length, height and width
  • Rise curve shape
  • Are the pockets sitting flat?

Things to look out for on Sleeves:

  • Sleeve head shape, height and width
  • Is your bicep big enough to move and is your bust measurement big enough too?
  • This is again where your cross body comes into it

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Kathryn and Caroline directly with any comments / feedback on fashionhalfcut@gmail.com. Alternatively you can reach out on instagram @fashionhalfcut.

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