Episode 50

Biggest Pattern Cutting Mistakes

For our 50th episode we’re covering some of the biggest pattern cutting mistakes that we’ve made and been witness to. 
We’ve asked all of you what some of your biggest pattern cutting mistakes are and there were some wonderful answers that we wanted to share with you all!

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Our wonderful listeners sent in some of their biggest mistakes to go along side ours…

Worthy Design Studio:
When I was studying fashion, the 2nd yr students had to help the final year students with their degree collections. The girl I was helping was doing leather trousers and asked me to cut them out for her, emphasising how important it was to get it correct because A: it’s leather B: It was a very specific colour she’d had dyed to match her collection and C: we’re in Dublin and she’d had to go to London to get it ( internet shopping wasn’t really a thing yet!) so needless to say when I realised I’d cut out 2 of the same leg panel, I nearly burst into tears. She was pretty sound about it considering what I’d done but, ugh I could see the anger in her eyes!!!  It’s haunted me to this day!

Making pockets ridiculously small and useless

My boss let an intern alter my pattern, then I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t fit together!

I cut my most expensive fabric upside down. Raindrops falling up instead of down

Forgot to add seam allowance on the sleeves. Concluded the model was too broad

I thought about adjusting the fit of my pattern AFTER all the pattern pieces were cut

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